Making RFID do the most for you.

The platform consists of 4 primary services, each with their own innovative features:


Access Control


Cashless Payments


Brand Activation


Access control

The day has come for your big event and fans are eagerly starting to line up at your door in anticipation, the time has arrived to smoothly usher them through your entry and into an immersive experience. TopTap's platform encourages attendees to take a few minutes to setup their account ahead of time to streamline their entry, but for those who didn't, it utilizes mobile technology to quickly turn a ticket holder into an age verified, credit card connected, wristband wearing, joyous and excited guest.  Not only does this system virtually eliminate counterfeit tickers, every wristband's unique code will allow for VIP/Staff/Artist zone controls and real time access to site capacity and crowd flow.

Features and Benefits Include:

  • Integration with most ticket vendors

  • Realtime view of onsite attendance and flow

  • Unlimited number of restricted access zones

  • Yellow Card unruly guests for temporary suspension

  • Onsite Server with Offline mode backup available

  • Staff catering management 

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toptap Exclusive Features:

  • Mobile ID Scanning

    • Age Verification 

    • Captures all needed data in .5 Sec

  • Attachment of demographic data to wristband for enhanced data analysis

  • "Ticketless" Check in via ID scaning

  • Military Grade, weatherproof mobile devices with extended life batteries

Cashless Payments

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  • Dual Touch Screen Point-of-Sale Systems
    • Engage customers with real time promotions
    • Offer much greater value to event sponsors by delivering targeted ads
    • Customer adding a tip has never been easier
  • Mobile super users can perform a range of actions including refunds, promo credits, and access changes
  • Access to customer's purchase history in real time
  • Suspend an at risk customer's ability to buy alcohol while still allowing them to buy food and merch

Cashless payments have really hit full stride in 2017, not only is it becoming an industry standard for festivals, permanent venues are starting to realize the obvious benefits as well.  Shorter transaction times and reduced barriers to purchase mean increased revenue, with events continually seeing significant gains between 15and 30%. Increased transparency and control makes the settlement process with any of your vendors a breeze, and features like offline mode make a RFID powered cashless environment the most reliable and efficient system available.   Guests love it because they have less to keep up with, and shorter lines mean they have more time for fun.


  • Increase onsite sales by 15 -30%
  • Offline Mode can operate in event of network loss
  • Open-loop, Closed-loop, and Hybrid options available
  • On-device statistics to monitor sales
  • Daily vendor reports and comprehensive sales reports
  • Customer refunds on-site and online
  • Age restriction of alcoholic beverage reduces liability
  • Eliminates staff cash theft and cash security costs

Targeted Advertising

Our unique ability to deliver targeted advertising during your event is one of the aspects that really sets TopTap's system apart.  Why should you have to wait until after your event to put your data to work for you?  TopTap's platform seizes the opportunity to utilize your customer's moment at the point-of-sale by delivering targeted ads and realtime promotions. We know a lot about the person at the register,  so we are able to deliver ads or promotions meant just for them. Long gone are the days of hanging a sponsor's banner on a chainlink fence and trying to quantify (or speculate) what kind of impact it made.  TopTap allows you to maximize your sponsor's ROI and your sales at the same time.  Last year there was $1.4 Billion dollars of sponsorship pumped into the music in the US, and TopTap empowers you to grab your biggest piece with confidence.


  • Our Dual Touch Screen POS units allow the customer to be exposed to and Opt in to real time promotions
  • Sponsors Ads can be shown to the specific demographics they are shooting for
  • Bar specials can be activated with the click of a button
  • The opportunity to bring in more conservative sponsors that want to connect with your crowd without being exposed to some of the liabilities associated with large events and festivals
  • An impact summery that displays the amount of times an ad was delivered and conversion rates across different scenarios 

Brand Activation

While solid ticket sales are obviously crucial for a successful event, onsite sales and sponsorship are the profit centers that can make the crucial difference in your company's financial health.  TopTap uses modern technology to bridge the gap between fans and your brands by leveraging multiple avenues including social media integration.   We have plug & play solutions like photo booths that can upload branded content to guests's Facebook walls and have a team ready to work hand in hand with you to create whatever we can dream up together.  Let your audience help tell your story!


  • Extended brand reach
  • Enhanced audience insight
  • Roaming photographers that can capture photos that are instantly displayed on a tablet and then uploaded to a guest's Facebook wall with the tap of a wrist





    • Facebook Connect
    • Online and Offline functionality
    • Gives valuable sponsors better ROI
    • Stationary Photo Booths
    • Instant Giveaways, Surveys, Games